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Dr. Katie Corazzo and Dr. Julia Liebich are registered Naturopathic Doctors practicing in Edina and Woodbury, Minnesota. Patients use naturopathic medicine for a variety of conditions. As experts in holistic health and natural remedies, Balanced Care is your best resource for improved wellness. Whether you are frustrated with the conventional medical system, on medications, or just looking to improve your health and prevent disease; we will be there to guide you towards your optimal health goals.

Providing holistic health care and natural remedies to address the root cause of disease is something our doctors can do for you, too. Homeopathic treatments, nutrition, herbs, home remedies, and vitamins and nutrients are a few of the natural treatments naturopathic doctors provide.

Our team will listen to your concerns with the intention of uncovering the underlying cause. We truly care about her patients and wants to give them the attention they deserve. Dr. Katie does a lot of research for her patients and takes the time to create effective treatment plans. The treatment plan will be tailored to your needs and financial abilities with a goal for success. Future appointments will include making changes to the treatment plan as needed, generating new goals, and discussing new issues as they arise.

Katie Corazzo, naturopath, naturopathic doctor, holistic, homeopath
Dr. Katie Corazzo
Naturopathic Doctor
Julia Liebich
Dr. Julia Liebich
Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor
  • York Business Center
3209 W76th St Suite 303 Edina, MN 55435
  • Tailor Made Nutrition

8160 Coller Way Suite A Woodbury, MN 55125

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